Credit Card application
Credit Card application
Step 1 of 4: General Information of HSBC Personal Loan Online Application
  • This online application process should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • In order to complete your application you will need your personal details, employment and income details.
  • After completing the HSBC Personal Loan Application form, you will instantly receive an on-screen confirmation stating that your application has been accepted by HSBC.
  • In a few days after submitting this HSBC Personal Loan Online Application, an HSBC representative will contact you by phone to confirm your application. If in 3 (three) working days after you submitted this Online Application, you are not able to be contacted by phone, then we will consider that your application is canceled.
  • Upon your confirmation by phone to our HSBC representative, our representative will visit your house to compile the required documents that you must submit and your wet signature to complete your HSBC Personal Loan application.
  • All HSBC Personal Loan applicants must fulfill all requirements below:
    • Applicant is an Indonesian citizen.
    • Applicant must be 21 - 55 years of age.
    • Applicant's minimum annual income is IDR 48 million per annum.
    • Applicant must submit required documents.
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