Risk Questionaire  
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This questionnaire has three sections and is designed to help you consider your attitude toward investment risk.

Section 1 asks questions which provide some indication of the overall general attitude toward risk for a typical investor displaying your personal investment characteristics. It may not match your actual attitude toward investment risk, but it indicates the profile you fit into.

Section 2 builds on this information so that you can consider what specific level of risk you are happy to accept in relation to the amount of capital you wish to invest now. It also helps to identify your investment objectives. It is important that you consider both your general and
specific attitudes toward risk as these may not be the same. For example, while overall you may consider yourself to be a balanced investor (i.e., one who is happy to hold a portfolio of investment products with different investment risks), there may be occasions when you wish to
invest in only lower risk products to meet a specific investment objective, for example, to invest for your child's education.

Section 3 summarizes the specific attitude toward risk you are happy to accept for the capital you wish to invest now. This will help us suggest possible investment / insurance (with investment element) products which may be suitable for your consideration.

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